Oct 1, 2015

October Nail Polish

Hey there!

It's easy to get lost in fall home decor. The season begins early and there are always aisles and aisles of goodies to sort through at every store. I take pleasure in going up and down each aisle seeing what needs to come home with me. 

Picking out fall nail polish colors is just as fun. I have quite a bit of nail polish so I don't have to shop for anything new (but I still manage to!) but it's just as fun sorting through what you have and deciding what will help you transition into fall. 

I pulled all of my Halloween colors to play with. I pulled greens, purples, reds and oranges that I felt were appropriate for October nails. As you know, I like to change up my polish and I've been trying to live a little more seasonally. Naturally that means seasonal nail polish!

This week I decided green would be my friend. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off but it seems to work ok. I used Zoya's Gemma as my regular polish and then Revlon's Elusive on my party nail. If you are new to my blog and aren't familiar, I call my accent nail my party nail. I tend to use glitter polishes and fun embellishments on that nail. 

I don't have many purples. That's odd because the kiddo's favorite color is purple. Maybe she has them! Seriously though, I don't have many darker purples. What I do have is Revlon's Gwen's Crush and Zoya's Roxy. I have used Gwen's Crush and it's so pretty. I haven't tried Roxy but I am pretty sure that I will this month!

Let's be honest. Orange looks cray cray with my complexion. Orange scares me for that reason. I bought many of these for nail art. I can probably use them on my toes or for a party nail but I probably won't use them as finger nail polish. I have Wet n Wild's Luck a l'Orange, Revlon's Charmed and 2 by SinfulColors, Orange Crush and Ring The Bellini. Again, pretty colors...on my toes.

Apparently I like deep red colors. Why yes I do! I like to paint my tootsies with nice, deep burgundy colors. That is a great color against my skin. My faves (because yes, I have more!) are Wet n Wild in Taking The Red-Eye, Sally Hansen in Flirt, Sally Hansen in Wine Not, Wet n Wild in Under Your Spell and the color gracing my toes right now, Sally Hansen in Berry Magical.

Yep! You see a theme here as far as brands go. That's another blog. The other thing you see is a love for beautiful nail polish colors. Deep, rich, bold, strong nail polish colors are a love of mine. October begins the bold nail polish colors.

And I love it!

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