Sep 14, 2015

The Scents of Summer

Hey There!

If you know me, you know that I have to get my mind right before cold weather raises its ugly head. I live in the south so right now it's cool but not cold. That's okay. Cool is the gateway temperature for sweater weather. And, I am not a fan.

But, before I pull out my heavy boots and parka (we only use those for like 3 weeks total), I'm going to tell you what I smelled like this summer.

I LOVE cotton candy. I eat a lot of it. I burn candles that remind me of it. And, I wear cologne that smells like it. Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies is one of my favorite scents in life. I always have 2 or three bottles of this at all times. I use it as body spray and room freshener. It instantly puts me in a good mood and makes anything bad, better.

Midnight Path is a fragrance mist in the Bath and Bodyworks fragrance line. I smelled this one on a coworker and fell in love with it. That weekend I went and picked it up and I've been sniffing it ever since. I normally wear this at night, if I'm going clubbing (I so, do not go clubbing!). I like that it's a heady scent and very musky. It's sensual scent and in my mind, I think that it's perfect for date nights.

My final scent is fairly new. I got a hold of it a few weeks ago but I've been drenching my body in it ever since I picked it up. It's Bumble Bee, a Mark Jacobs Honey imitation. It smells likes Honey but it doesn't last very long. I wear this if I'm going out for the evening and just need to smell good for a few hours. If I need to smell good all day, I run to my Cotton Candy scent.

I'm a simple girl with simple scents. Now that it's getting colder, I will want a something a bit deeper in notes.

Can't wait to smell that, can you?

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