Sep 13, 2015

Marshalls and Why You Should Know What Nail Polish You Own

Hey There!

I ended up going to Marshalls twice yesterday. I went once to just do a walk through and see what I don't own, didn't know I needed but now that I've seen it, I can't live without it.  I was doing good but then I got to the nail polish area. My Marshalls has a pretty nice nail polish area. It's right by the cash register so it's not messy and full of open and dropped polishes (probably because the cashiers can see what's going on). I took a peekie poo into the bins and low and behold, they had some Sally Hansen Insta-dri polishes that I really wanted to take home.

Except I was sure if I already owned them or not.

They were colors that I liked so it was possible that I already had them. But the names didn't ring any bells so I just wasn't sure.

Yes, I could have taken a gamble, purchased them, and if I owned them, bring them back. But, I wasn't sure when I was coming back and I hate the hassle of returning stuff.

So I left them in the store.

And then I thought about them all day. I didn't own them. I checked twice just to make sure and nope! I didn't own the colors that I had drooled over earlier.

So, on my way to a festival with some friends, I stopped back by and picked up the colors that I truly wanted.

I picked up Rush Hour (350), Enchantment (250) and Berry Magical (260). They are all shades of purple. They were only $1.99 and they can range from $2.99 - $4.99 in store. I like the Insta-dri line. I don't know how instantly they dry because I use my Insta-dri top coat over all polishes -- it's magical. The thing that I love about Sally Hansen polishes that they have a ton of colors to choose from. And they are different colors! You know how some polishes have lots of colors but they are the same colors with different names? In my experience Sally Hansen polishes aren't like that. They are different shades. Some are close to others but just a slight difference in hue.

Anywhosie, back to my 3 new nail polishes. Rush Hour is a pale mauve-y, lilac. It's warm and oddly makes me think of sweaters. Enchantment is a pinky lavender and is the perfect winter pink. It just yells cool weather but still pink and pretty. Berry Magical is a bam! dark berry. It's that deep, vampy berry purple that is perfect for fall -- think October 31 -- spoiler!

All of these are nice shades for fall and I'm ready to wear them. On the nail swatch, they are opaque in 2 coats (Enchantment is almost opaque in 1 coat). And, because they are Sally Hansen, I really am not worried about the formula. Out of all of my Sally's I can't think of 1 that I don't like the formula on (I'm sure if you force me to, I can find one).

Do you peruse your nail polish aisle at Marshalls (T.J. Maxx, Ross, etc.)? How often do you tempt the fates and purchase without truly knowing if you already own it?

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