Sep 8, 2015

Sample Bin Review - Missha, Laneige & IOPE

Hey there!

I like samples. I think everyone does. I feel that I need to try things before I buy them. I especially like getting samples of more expensive things. There is nothing worse than purchasing makeup and finding out it doesn't work for you -- for whatever reason, it doesn't matter. Returning products can be a hassle and I feel weird returning a product that's been used. But, I'll do it.

A few weeks ago (maybe 6?) I ordered a sample of product from Missha cosmetics. I also got samples with my Laneige purchase. Both of these brands are Korean cosmetic lines (to my knowledge) and you either have to order them online or stumble across them at an International grocery store (like I did!). I wanted to try some new items because it's very interesting to see how other cultures view skin care. I know that in purchasing my Laneige products, I've learned that there are a multitude of steps to skin care in the Korean culture. If I purchased everything that the lovely Laneige lady wanted me to try, I'd have about 8 products. I currently have about 3.

So, from Missha cosmetics, I requested 2 items from Time Revolution. I got the Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence ($49 / 150ml) and Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule ($49 / 50ml). The First Time Treatment is the first step in skincare, as you use it after washing your face  and the Night Repair can be used day or night after your toner or essence and before your serum or lotion. I haven't tried either so I won't go into what it's supposed to do and what it actually does.

I also requested Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Samples ($22 / 50ml). I got 3 samples. I think one of them might be the right color for me.

And, I have been enjoying my Laneige products (review to come). Because I made a purchase, I was given a few samples. I got two Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel and then two IOPE Enzyme Powder Treatment Washes. I'm very excited to try the yogurt peel.

I haven't tried anything yet. I wanted to write my "sample bin haul" before ripping into any packages. I hope that I see some real results because I've begun taking better care of my skin. I hope I don't love it because these items are kinda pricey!

But, you have to take care of your skin so pricey or not, you want the best.

Have you tried Korean beauty products? Do you like one brand more than another?

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