Sep 6, 2015

Monthly Faves

Hey There!

It's almost difficult to pull together monthly favorites when you've been using the same trio for several weeks. Half of the reason is that I'm lazy and it's easier to just use the blush and bronzer that are on the counter. The other reason is that the look that I've been getting from this trio is on point. I've been loving it.

Let's back up. Several months ago I began pulling makeup for the week on Sunday and just rotating between the same 2 blushes, same 2 bronzers and the same few lippie combos for the week. It makes getting ready in the morning a little bit easier. Even though I said 2 blushes and 2 bronzers, I've actually been using the same 1 blush and bronzer for about 3 weeks now. Along with my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder (NC42), I've been using my Milani Tea Rose Powder Blush and my e.l.f. Contouring Blush in St. Lucia.

I've told you about my love for the MAC Studio Fix pressed powder (link is here) but let me tell you about my love for my e.l.f. Contouring Bronzer in St. Lucia. This was one of my first bronzers. I fell in love with it and even though I have purchased several others (high end and drugstore), I always return back to this one. The blush is barely touched. It doesn't show up on my face and it doesn't last very long but the bronzer is amazing.

The Milani Tea Rose Powder Blush was an impulse buy. I told myself that I wasn't going to get it and I resisted for a few months. Then it (like everything else) jumped into my shopping cart and ended up at my house. And, I am soooo glad that I bought it! It brings my cheeks to life! It's perfect for a natural look.

And, I have to add my 2 favorite brushes. I've been loving my Claire's kabuki brush and my Ecotools blush brush. They are used "evry" day -- I mean "evry" day.

This is the winning trio (plus makeup brushes) that I have been using. Day look, night look, polished look, natural look -- it doesn't matter. These babies have been doing the damned thing! It's going to hurt my feeling a little bit to put them away and pull out some new products for the new week. But it will be okay.

Then I'll have a new favorite for next month!

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