Sep 10, 2015

Maybelline Blushed Nudes in Sultry Spice

Hey There!

Because I absolutely, positively needed a new nail polish, I picked up one of the new Maybelline Blushed Nudes in Sultry Spice. I hadn't initially walked over to look at nail polish but this pretty, deep rose pink caught my eye and I just had to bring it home (how many times have you heard this before?).

Fall is coming. I can try to run and hide all I want but summer to coming to an end and Fall will rear it's cool head, making way for Winter's cold blast. One of the few good things about Fall is that I will get to use warm, sultry colors again. My lips, body and nails will be draped in deep, rich, jewel toned hues. I like that. 

Maybelline polishes are nice when it comes to formula but they are normally just regular when it comes to colors. There aren't that many collections that I just have to get up and run to the store to get. But, I liked this polish. I grabbed a shot of all of the colors (yeah for pictures in Target when no one is looking!) for you good people. The Maybelline website says there are 5 blushing shades; In The Blush, Pearl Gem, Mink Lust, Sultry Spice and Toasted Taupe. They are all (except Sultry Spice) just blah shades so I didn't feel the need to invest in them. But, this one, I was excited about.

If you look at the picture of the Sultry Spice swatch then you know what I mean. Just beautiful. I'll make this the next one that I dip my nails into.

Have you seen this collection? Do you plan on picking any of them up?

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