Sep 12, 2015

Making Lemonade Outta Lipsticks

Hey There!

Is there anything worse than picking up a drugstore lippie and finding out that it is not the right color? Well, there are probably many things that are worse, but for purposes of this conversation, let's say there isn't.

Quite a while ago I purchased 2 NYX round tube lipsticks. I picked up Tea and Paparazzi Paparazzi. They are so pretty on the bottom of the tube! I just knew that would go so well with my complexion! Once I got them home and prepared to wear them I discovered...

...they are NOTHING like the color on the bottom. Sighhhh. The horror. Tea is a muddy brown that blends into my complexion and looks horrid and Paparazzi Paparazzi is a crazy pale pink that I could never pull off.

Since I purchased these lippies at a beauty supply store, returning them is out. So what's a girl to do? Well, I'll tell you.

You get your NYC Liquid Lipshine in Midtown Mulberry and you make them work!

Showing you on my hand (using the grotesque bathroom light) doesn't do the transformation justice. Midtown Mulberry really changes the color of both lippies and makes them wearable. Now I'm able to take two lipsticks destined for the trash and actually wear them.

When was the last time you had to do this? Or, have you ever tried doing this? What colors did you mix?

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