Jul 15, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box - Summer 2015 - Review

Hey There!

It's been 3 weeks since my Walmart Beauty Box came in and I've tried most of my products! You guys know I like my Walmart Beauty Box. The price is right and the box always has such good stuff in it.

I gave a coworker the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray ($5.99 for 5 fl oz) that came in my Walmart box. This product isn't for girls with hair like mine. My hair texture would not appreciate my spritzing it with sea salt. Sea salt would dry my hair out and I'd have to add more products back to it.

I also ended up with a Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Complete Care Shampoo ($4.98 for 12.9 fl oz) in my box. It was a decent sized sample pair but I didn't get a chance to try this particular one. I'm finishing up some other hair products. But, I have tried it before and it was fine. No complaints. Don't think that I purchase it though. I am kinda in love with my Organix products.

I got a Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen Lotion with a 70 SPF ($8.48 for 5 oz). Sunscreen is a must for summer time in Atlanta. We've had some 90 plus, degree days. Even so, this products is a sunscreen. I can't say that it's any better than anything else but I'm super happy to have it! I don't know what is supposed to be special about it but...

This Caress Fine Fragrance body wash ($3.47  for 13.5 oz) in Love Forever was a different fragrance from the previous one that I had. It was pretty heavily scented and the color is very vibrant. In my opinion, it's too vibrant. It didn't stain my bath towels but I was scared that it would. I wouldn't purchase it because the scent is just too much for me. But, it was nice to try.

I also got a Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick ($7.97). The lipstick itself is very nice, moist and lasts a really long time. The package is pretty class too. I like it. But, the color is HD Poppy and it is really, whoa baby! It is too orangey red for me. I will probably try a different color. There are about 13 colors and I could try 2 of them.

And, I got an Olay Total Effects 7 Anti-Aging Eye Treatment ($14.35 for .5 oz). Olay is not my jam. It always breaks me out so I didn't even try it. I gave it to a coworker and she liked it. Right now my eyes aren't liking much of anything so I just use a tiny bit of Aquaphor every 3 or 4 days.

So, this box wasn't as good as the past ones have been. I won't get the enjoyment out of quite as many products. But, for $5 bucks, who is upset? I got to try some stuff out for basically $1! You can't beat that with a stick.

Have you signed up for your Walmart Beauty Box? Sighhhh. Why not?!

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