Jul 16, 2015

Pinchme Box - June

Hey There!

So my new pinchme box came in! Just so you are in the know, every month pinchme.com has free samples that you can sign up to try. You try your free samples and then tell them what you thought. All you have to do is register, give them your email address and they will send you an email before they are ready to post samples to the website. When they do, you sign in and order your samples (this link is my personal site and this link just tells you what Pinchme is).

This month I was late to the party so I was only eligible for 5 items (when you log in early, you get the cream of the crop). I received 2 Gold Bond mini lotions, a Secret Clinical Strength mini, a Luzianne Sweet Tea squeeze pack and a Nexcare waterproof bandage (or 2).

I am super stoked about the Gold Bond lotions because a girl always needs purse lotions. Gold Bond is a pretty good brand. I’ve had good luck with their lotions.

I’m also excited about the Luzianne Sweet Team packet because it’s made to brew cold tea. I live in the south. We LOVE our tea. No, I say love but what I mean is I will HURT you for messing with my sweet tea. And it must be sweet tea. I do not want to add sugar to my tea. That’s not right.

As far as vouchers and coupons, I got a $3 a Secret Clinical Strength and another $100 wine voucher from wines.com. I probably will never use the Secret Clinical Strength one because it’s really expensive and I’m not spending that kinda money on deodorant. This trial size will last me quite a while because I will only use this one when I wear a tank top. When it’s gone, I’ll purchase another trial size and you can’t use coupons on those.

The wine.com voucher? We get this every time. The voucher is $100 off of a case of wine costing $160 or more. Well, I drink white wines only, mostly Rieslings really. I think wine.com isn’t allowed to ship to my state because EVERY wine was sold out. It’s really ok though because I didn’t have plans to order anything anyway. I like to know what wine I’m getting and I taste test at my local wine shop.

I can already tell you that I’ll enjoy this box. No, it’s not super, duper fantastic but everything inside is usable and that makes for a GREAT box!

Remember, it’s free to sign up!! (my personal link) You can try out stuff before you buy it.

As always, you’re welcome!

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