Jul 19, 2015

Sunday Funday - Foreign Candies

Hey there!

I thought I'd make my Sunday Funday a sweet treat! The kiddo and I did our Saturday stroll through the Buford Highway Farmer's Market and we HAD to get some candy snacks. We try everything that we can while we're in that place. But we wanted candy to take home and we had QUITE a selection to choose from.

The BHFM has a lot of goodies and snacks to choose from (well duh! - you keep talking about them!). The kiddo and I had a tough choice choosing what we wanted. She and I looked at fruit chews and candies. I can't even try to pretend that we were looking for candies with 100% juice or any juice added because most of the packages were in other languages. I have no idea what they have in them.

We did pick 2 specific candies but I had to show you this brand of fruit candies. The packages really made me want to try them! The fruit on the front makes it looks so delicious and refreshing. I'm already a sucker for packaging so it was hard to not to try them all.

But, the kiddo and I had to compromise. We had to both want to try the candy in order to buy them. The pretty packaging candy was a hard candy and while I like hard candy, I prefer chews or soft candies. I try really hard not to chomp down on hard candy. I paid for these teeth! I want to take care of them.

Anywho, the kiddo and I settled on these Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallow candies and some Hi-Chew candies in Green Apple, Strawberry and Grape. I've seen Hi-Chew is quite a few London YouTube blogs (my obsession!) and I had to pick them up.

Let's start with the cutest item. The kiddo wanted the Hello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallow candies. I have to be honest -- I don't like marshmallow type foods. This one actually has strawberry jelly inside. Fortunately, it's not a lot of jelly so it doesn't squirt in your mouth or anything.

I don't plan on fighting the kiddo for this. They are fresh and that's pretty good. I was concerned that because they are obviously shipped in but they must have been shipped in and put right on the shelf. Like I mentioned, the jelly inside is just a drop so not over powering and it doesn't taste horrible. It's not a super artificial taste. The kiddo will certainly like them even though I don't.

Now the Hi-Chews are on point! They remind me of softer Now and Laters but with better flavor. All of the flavors were good but the grape was my favorite. They were true to flavor. Like I said, I only got the 3 flavors but when researching Hi-Chew, there are several other flavors that I'll have to try out. They have mango, strawberry, lychee, cola and melon. Because I'm pretty sure it's not 100% fruit, I can try the mango and lychee without worrying about allergy issues.

There are several isle dedicated to candy. The kiddo and I will be braver next time and perhaps try something really different. Maybe we will try some of the pretty packaging candy!

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