Jul 13, 2015

RANT - Hair Clips

Hey there!

Can someone explain where my stuff is going?

Over the past two years I have purchased 6 hair clips and I can lay my hands on 1 of them.

At one point I had 4 or 5 good kabuki blending brushes. Again, I now have 1!

My favorite lipstick of all time AND IT'S BACKUP are missing!

Who is stealing my stuff? Do I need to tag it? What is going on?

This rant is because my hair fell this morning. You know, the curls fell and my hair went frizzy. Atlanta had about 100% humidity this morning and before I got to the car good, all the cute curls that I so painstakingly worked on were gone. I almost went back into the house to get my hair clip but no worries! I'll just pull my hair back into my spare clip when I get to work.

Except I couldn't find a spare clip!

I tore my desk up for 15 minutes trying to hunt down my hair clip. Then I went to visit 7 different coworkers to see if they had a hair clip or something. Nope. Nobody had anything that could help me. Didn't it use to be all the rage to wear a hair band on your wrist? What happened to that fad?

No, I couldn't find a hair tie, a barrette, a bobby pin or nuthin! I was 2 seconds away from using a colored paper clip when I decided I just didn't care that much. Sure, I wanted to look cute (you never know who you'll run into) but I didn't want to spend another 15 minutes devoted to unruly hair.

Instead I just pulled out my computer and decided to let you share in my misery.

I also stopped by the store on my way home and bought more packs of everything!

I'll be super prepared next time.

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