Jul 12, 2015

DIY Coffee Bar Love

Hey there!

Am I allowed to love my coffee bar like I do? Am I allowed to love my morning coffee area to the point that I devote an entire blog post to it? Well, I do, so there.

Before I moved into my new place I searched Pinterest and YouTube videos for DIY coffee bar ideas. And yes, there are a lot of pins and videos out there. I had quite a lot of  ideas to choose from. There were all sorts of coffee machines and containers to house various coffees. There were mugs and cups and thermoses. There were various ways to stir the coffee and so many things to put in the coffee. It was like a dream sorting through what worked for me.

And I settled on this.

I've had a Keurig machine for several years. It took me about 6 months to purchase it because of the cost and I wanted to make sure that I would really commit to it. I love it and I am soooo glad that I purchased it. The coffee options are endless and in my opinion, it makes a damned good cup of coffee. I bought it on sale, with a 20% off coupon and a gift card. You know how I am.

Do you see what is in that picture at the top? Yes, there is a Keurig machine but next to it (at the very back) is my sugar container. In front of it is a container of coffee - Starbucks Verona dark decaf if you must know. Both of these containers are from Ikea, re-purposed several different times, now living in my coffee bar area. You also see some wooden stirrers (which I might trade out for special teaspoon stirrers -- not sure) and some organic sugar packets in a green bowl from Anthropologie (about one of the only things I really can afford from that store, even though I love it).

I found my espresso picture at the Dollar Tree. It's not the best picture but it works. It is that final touch to my coffee bar that makes it all work (because it was the last thing that I purchased).

Inside the cupboard that the espresso picture is on, are my coffee cups. You can't see them all but I have A LOT of coffee cups. You get to see shelves 2 and 3 but the top shelf has my very fragile and special cups. I use them on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I have time to sip my coffee slowly and thoughtfully. You also see my Torani coffee syrup in Salted Caramel. It's probably the only coffee syrup that I purchase. I make cinnamon dolce syrup or a white chocolate syrup myself. I also have another Ikea container and in it are some creamers. I didn't like these types of creamers at first. I was a purist and only used half and half but then I decided I wanted to switch up the flavor a little bit.

My coffee drawer is the first drawer underneath my Keurig machine. I can house three 18 pack coffee boxes, a few International Cafe drinks for the kiddo, 2 boxes of Dollar Tree cappuccino, also for the kiddo and some random k-cup pods. Before you go all cray-cray on me, the kiddo is about to turn 19.

I am very proud of my coffee station. I love what I have created. I feel good about sipping my coffee from this area. Too much, do you think? If you don't drink coffee, probably. If you do drink coffee, you are jelly. I know.

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