Jul 23, 2015

Quickie Review - TRESemme extra firm control hair spray

Hey there!

The humidity here in Georgia, has been crazy! I never complain about the heat but my hair certainly complains about the humidity. It doesn't matter how many pretty, fluffy, beautiful curls that I put in my hair before I leave for work, by the time I get to work my hair is straight with a hint of a curl. Not loving it! So, I thought I'd pick up a trial sized can of hair spray and see if I could keep a curl or two.

I purchased a trial size can of TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Hairspray. I got the one with 4 circles out of 5 (don't judge my words!). I was hoping the super hold would help me keep three or four curls. I have course, relaxed hair with about 1/2" of new growth that I flat iron and not everyone's hair spray will work on my hair. Well, this one didn't either.

I was soooo disappointed. I wanted to find a hair spray that worked. I've heard good things about this one and hoped it would help. But, I didn't really put 100% faith into it cause I'd have paid more than $1.49 for it if I did.

I'm sure that on some hair this spray works wonderfully but for brown girl hair, it's not so good. I'll pass it to a friend.

Do you know any brown girl friendly hair spray?  How do you keep your hair bouncy and curly in really humid cities? Should I just move?

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