Jul 22, 2015

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence

Hey there!

I didn't plan to pick this up. I couldn't even find the products. I know that many YouTubers have found the Laneige products at Target but I didn't find them at my Target or any Target that I've been to. I knew that they were touted as good products but I didn't find them so I didn't worry about it.

But on my travels, I found a humongous Asian grocery store. I like all grocery stores. They are like museums and malls all rolled into one. Inside this grocery store I happened upon a very fancy makeup store (am I out of line by saying it's perhaps an Asian mini Sephora?) and inside was a fantastic Laneige display.

I got super excited! I knew that this was a pricey product line (in drugstore and big box store terms) but I heard such rave reviews I was ready to dive in. My beloved Caudalíe Beauty Elixir is coming to an end and before I just repurchase it on autopilot, I thought I'd see if there were other products out there that do the same thing.

I was actually looking at a different product in the Laneige line, but the nice lady at the counter assured me that what I wanted was the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence ($35). It's a "High performance brightening essence that provides clear and radiant skin". It's been said (by the Laneige people) that it has carbon air bubbles mixed with sparkling water that make the best skin refresher ever. The Caudalíe Beauty Elixir is the only skin refresher that I have ever used. It's not cheap and as I have said of one or two other products, I may not see the results but I feel great when I use it so it's totally worth it.

Along with my purchase I got a sample pack of the Basic & New Water Bank Moisture as well as 185 points for my purchase (I did say like a mini Sephora, didn't I?). The sales clerk  numbered the products for me and told me how I should use them. A gift with purchase is always "a ok" in my book.

I haven't tried this yet but I am excited to feel the fizzy goodness on my face and yes, I'll report back!

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