Jul 21, 2015

My Influenster Sunshine Box

Hey there!

It came in the mail! My Influenster Sunshine box is here! And can I just tell you that I peeked inside and fell in love? Yes I did. I fell head over heels in love with this box!

Let me start off with what Influenster is. Just to copy straight from the website (so that I get it right!) "Influenster.com is a product discovery platform and review site that helps members find new products to try and get advice so they can make informed purchases".  What it is to me, is a place that I can go and see what my peers think of products before I purchase them and where I can tell the masses what I think of a product.

What Influenster will do every now and then is send out special Vox Boxes of goodies for their Influenster folks to try. And the goodies are spectacular! Like I mentioned, I got my box and couldn't wait to peek inside! So, I didn't wait.

And the inside of this bright yellow box made me soooo happy! 

The first thing that caught my eye were the Dickinson's Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths. They are supposed to gently cleanse, tone & refresh  while removing dirt, oil and makeup. It's soap and fragrance free so it should do this without over dying your skin. I am down to my last makeup removing cloths and was looking toward more organic, natural, "better for your skin in general" face cloths. I'm excited to try this out and if I like it, they included a $3 off coupon! No, I take that back. They gave me THREE coupons. I don't know if that was a mistake or not but how fantastic is that?!

The second thing was a SinfulColors nail polish! You know that I love my SinfulColors polishes! The shade is called Southern Belle and it's a gorgeous grape color. I think I'm going to dip my toes in it this weekend! I don't know why I'm using so many exclamation marks for a nail polish but I am!

There is also a full sized Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer in aloe. Look, you good people know that I am lazy as all get out when it comes to lotion. This could be the answer to all of my questions! It could save my legs from ashy embarrassment. I'm glad that they put this in my Vox Box. And, a little scared that perhaps they've been monitoring me. Hmmmm....

I'm going to get to play with a bottle of Infusium23 Hair Leave In Conditioner Cream with Avocado & Olive Oil. I've been dealing with some hair things and this looks like something that might work out for me. My hair has some damage (some breakage and split ends) but other than that, it's pretty healthy (and is that healthy lady, I mean really?!). I've heard great things about this product so my fingers are crossed in the hopes that it can help me.

And last but not least I have a package of Blue Diamond Almonds in Bold Sriracha. I like roasted almonds but I'm not a hot food girl. I think I'll have a coworker taste test these for me.

And coupons!! One for a FREE bag of barkThins! I have wanted to try these for quite a while and now I can for free! Sweet!

And now you are sold on this Influenster thing, aren't you? You want your own free box o' goodies, huh? Yep. Go click on my link (I don't make any money off of it. I don't think I get anything other than a big ole' thank you and some Influenster street cred). And of course, I'll get back with you good people and let you know what I think of all of these things.
(My Link) <---- You don't have to use my link but I'd love it and appreciate it if you did!

And, of course, disclaimer, I don't get any money and extra anything for a positive review. I only give my honest review because I can't do anything other than that!

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