Jul 27, 2015

Making a House a Home - Method Brand Fabric Softener

Hey there!

I got a $3 off coupon for Method Home products. I've been interested in their laundry products for a while, so I used this as the opportunity to try something new. I've tried their hand soap in the regular and foaming (it was fine) and I've tried their dish liquid (it was fine as well). I hadn't tried their laundry products at all.

The normal price for the Method fabric softener at Target was $6.99 and I got 10% off using my Cartwheel app, so I only paid $3.29 for this 50 load bottle. Score! I like a good discount. I got the Fresh Air scent. The scent is pleasant enough. It's light and fresh, just as the name suggests.

Unfortunately, the scent does not carry. The method (ha! get it?!) of delivery is a pump system and you are supposed to use 4 pumps for each load. Well, 4 pumps makes the clothes kinda soft but it doesn't leave a smell. I mean, your towels don't stink but they don't smell good. I changed the amount we use and that made a bit of a difference.

I also changed the method of delivery because the pump broke about halfway through. I wasn't doing anything weird, just using it as directed and it just broke. Rather than just try to fix it, I decided to pour it into another fabric softener container.

So, at $3.29, this product wasn't bad. I have to almost double what they suggest I use in order for it to work for me. At $6.99, HAIL NO! My Suavitel is $3.29 at the most (I normally only pay $2.99). There is no way I'm gonna pay twice the price for half the product!

No, this was a fail for me. I don't think I'll be making this purchase again.

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