Jun 18, 2015

New e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Palettes

Photocredit - eyeslipsface.com

Hey there!

Have you seen the new eyeshadow palettes by e.l.f.? They are stepping up their game folks!

Even though I don’t wear eyeshadow, I paused when I saw this email flash across my screen. e.l.f. introduced the palettes as “a whole new beauty game”. I think they are right! You can go with matte, nude, smoky or party eyes for $10 per palette. And, we all know that if you just wait 3 days, there will be a BOGO sale or 40% off sale or something! So don’t let that $10 throw you off.

I was impressed by the e.l.f. Studio Mad for Matte Palette the most. I saw 10 of the creamiest looking basic shades I had ever seen. There are already 4 reviews that sing the praises of this baby. And, the packaging looks very nice. Not sure what it looks like in person but I’d certainly take a gamble.
Photocredit - eyeslipsface.com

The e.l.f. Studio Everyday Smoky Palette pretty too. It simply has more shimmer shades than I’d like to have. But they look to be very versatile (lid, crease, blend, etc.) and a great mix of colors. I like a basic palette that you can use everyday.
Photocredit - eyeslipsface.com

e.l.f. Studio Party Ready Palette is the one that gives you some fun colors. There’s a raspberry in there that I’d love to try and the purple shade is going to work with many skin tones. The dark blue and charcoal shimmer colors are great smoky eye colors and you can take the first 4 and blend them into night time with the next 6.

Photocredit - eyeslipsface.com

The e.l.f. Studio Need It Nude Palette appears to be similar to the e.l.f. Studio Mad for Matte Palette but if you look closely, you see the extra shimmer and they shades are too close in nature to me. Even though it boasts 10 colors, I’d say that you only have 4 or 5 shades. You are definitely going to get a nude affect and nude on my complexion (MAC NC42) is just no makeup at all.

Like I said, I don’t wear eyeshadow because of my eye condition but I still like to look at them and I know what I like. If I could, I’d purchase the e.l.f. Studio Mad for Matte Palette and the e.l.f. Studio Everyday Smoky Palette. I’d rock them on a daily basis and then throw in the e.l.f. Studio Party Ready Palette when someone purchased it for me or I got it for free. I’d probably leave the e.l.f. Studio Need It Nude Palette alone.

Have you seen these? Are you thinking about getting them? Are you going to pay full price or wait for BOGO?

Go on with your bad self, e.l.f.!

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