Jun 14, 2015

Why I Didn't Buy It - Pixi Nail Color

Hey There!

New neighborhood means a new Target. My Target is pretty nice but if I go just 6 miles up the street, there is an even BETTER one, well kinda, sometimes. But, mine is nice too.

When I went in yesterday I was looking at nail polish. I didn't need anything knew but hey, it doesn't cost anything to look! I noticed the Pixi Line of nail polish. It's not new it's just that my old Target didn't have a robust Pixi line of beauty products.

This Target has eleven pretty polish colors and a brightening top coat for $8. The Pixi by Petra website has 37 colors. The Target colors were nice but nothing that I just had to have. If anything I would have liked to try the brightening top coat and see what it's claim to fame is. I have a pretty large nail polish collection anyway so at this point you have to really move me in order to make me pull out the wallet.

Coral Cantaloupe, Summer Pink, Sweet Strawberry, Wakeup Wisteria and Very Violet all looked so pretty but I really do have colors in my collection that look very similar. If someone were to twist my arm (like they'd really have to), I could pick up Sweet Strawberry and Very Violet and bring them home. I love a nice pink or purple. Or coral or blue or...

(Photocredit: Pixi by Petra website)

The Pixi by Petra website has soooo many colors that I wouldn't mind bring home. Aquamarine Aura, Nude Dazzle, Almond Glow, Mink Grey, Makeup Artist Mauve, Blackberry... I kinda wish that those colors were in the store so that I could get a proper look at them.

(Photocredit: Pixi by Petra website)

Ok. So the reason that I didn't buy it was because they didn't have all the colors that they had online. If they did have all those colors... That means I may have to make an online order!

You know I love a good nail polish!

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