Jun 13, 2015

Moving Part 3 - Feeling Comfortable

(Borrowed with lots of love, from the internet).

Hey There!

Can we talk a bit? I've been wrestling with something for about two weeks and it probably seems very trivial to some folks but my mind was really not at ease this morning.

I have gotten my car serviced at the same place for at least 10 years (well, my last 2 cars). I get my oil changed at the same times every year. I don't drive a ton because I take the train to work. I know the people at my oil change place and they know me. The price is right and they tell me if something is wrong or if I need to get some other work done. And, when I've asked them to check something, they tell me the truth and if something doesn't need fixing, changing, removing or adding to, they don't do it. I feel like I can trust them.

Now that I've moved 26 miles away, I was searching for a different place to get my oil changed, cause, I mean seriously, it's just oil!

But, I felt horrible. I was a tad bit anxious. I had car problems with my previous car and I left it with the dealership (for three days). The dealership didn't find out what was causing it to stop at lights. A small mechanic shop nearby figured out what was wrong. They gave me advice on where I should get my oil changed and who would work with me a bit better than the dealership. I began going to my new place to get my oil changed and have been very comfortable with them. This car place was really good about helping me to solve the problem and building trust with me.

So you can imagine having to change where I was going after 10 years. I woke up this morning, ready to go to a new place (not really sure what new place). I got some gas and then it hit me right upside the durn head!

I can go get my oil changed at my old place!

I can drive over, get my oil changed and come back home.

I wanted to integrate into my new neighborhood and I've been doing that for restaurants and shopping. BUT, for car care or hair care or really anything you want, you can go back to the place the makes you comfortable.

Once the light bulb went off in my head, I felt 100% better. My step was lighter and I'm pretty sure that my mind was clearer. I know it seems like a small thing and that everybody can do an oil change.

But, you know what, not everyone can make me feel comfortable about my oil change.

And that's important and worth the 26 mile trip.

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