Jun 27, 2015

e.l.f. Studio Ambient Palette

Hey there!

Am I the only person stalking this e.l.f. Studio Ambient Palette? I think not. I saw nouveaucheap talk about it on her blog (you have to follow her on every bit of social media you can get your hands on. She is amazing!) and immediately ran to the e.l.f. website to purchase mine. Well, it’s out of stock! It’s a limited edition product and it’s out of stock!

Oh, I have searched the web for places that might have the palette. Target and Walmart don’t have it. And, believe it or not, ebay doesn’t have it yet (doesn’t it seem like they have EVERYTHING two seconds after something sells out?)  for triple the price?

Let me backup. I realize that a few of you may not know what ambient lightening powders are. Well, to tell you what they are, I have to tell you what they aren't.

They aren't highlighters.


Going into it, I thought they were highlighters. They do highlight and frame the face. They give you a certain glow. But, I wouldn't exactly call them highlighters.

They aren't face powders.

But they kind of are. They do go on certain parts of your face -- the parts that you want them to go onto. Certain ambient powders are good as finishing powders. They warm up your complexion and give you just that little but of umph!

A good one will do quite a bit of fantastic things to your skin. The only issues that I can find with ambient powders is that they cost so much. Hourglass powders are $45 each and MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes are $32 each. If you want to try a Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder you'll have to shell out $38. That's why when I saw this one for $6 I got really excited. You can understand I'm sure.

I have read that they should be back in stock within a few weeks. Trust and believe, I will be waiting for it with baited breath!

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