Jun 2, 2015

Bauble Bar Purchase - Triple Linear Pendant in Rose Gold

Hey there!

I got my first goodie from Bauble Bar last week! I was pretty excited about it. I always try to catch the buried $10 deal and see if it's something I'll like. A few weeks ago it was. 

Let's begin with what Bauble Bar is (link here). It’s a website that sells really nice jewelry. Some of it is a great price, some of it is a little pricey. The have a buried bauble every Friday for $10 and a special $20 bauble on Mondays. They have new items all the time and it offers free shipping and free returns. Lots of YouTubers talk about the nice things that they pick up for a good deal. I always see nice things just not at a price I'm willing to pay. This $10 special was right up my alley. 

I ordered the Triple Linear Pendant in Rose Gold. I've always thought I'd like rose gold jewelry. In my head, it seemed to be a good match for my skin tone. Once I opened my Bauble Bar box, I questioned that theory. It appeared more coppery than I thought it should be. The color scared me. But, once I put it on, I liked the way it sat on my skin.

I’ve only worn it once but I like it. It sits at just the right points on the chest. It’s doesn’t look like fancy jewelry but doesn’t look too gaudy. This necklace paired with a plain t-shirt, some jeans and cute shoes will be the perfect Saturday outfit.

I can’t wait to wear it again.

(p.s. I've included my link (link here) in case you'd like to try something cute. Please don't feel that you have to. I'm just providing in case you'd like to!)

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