Jun 24, 2015

Preview - Erin Condren Planner!

Hey There!

I got an Erin Condren Planner!

I know that some of you came for makeup information and some of you came for home decor information. This post isn't going to appeal to everyone and some folks don't really want a blog walk through of my brand new baby but I was super excited and you know what? You lovelies are just going to have to deal with my crazy today!

Yeah, I know. It was a big decision for me. I first thought about it a year ago but the price scared me. Even though I'm a paper girl and prefer a paper planner over the one on my phone, the $50 price tag really got me. I wanted to make sure that I'd use $50 worth of planner.

So I purchased a very cheap planner for the balance of 2014 (about July - December) and then bought a $10 Sugar Paper one from Target for this year. I added all my doctor's appointments, the kiddo's doctor's appointments and both of our personal appointments. I added blogging information like schedules and ideas and plans for the future. I added bill payment schedules because otherwise I would be lost.  I added book club information because I am a member of THREE book clubs and it's not easy staying on top of that! With all of that information, I really wanted one convenient place to keep everything.

I stayed on top of my paper planners pretty well. I used the bill payment schedule EVERY two weeks without fail. I also made sure to check every few days to make sure bills were paid and I that I was on financial track. I put all of our doctor appointments on the calendar pages and put most of my personal appointments on the calendar pages. My book club information went in the correct spots and blogging plans stayed in place. I even got real fancy and used different color pens for all the different activities.

When I heard that Erin was making some changes to her planner (adding a horizontal layout to her planner choices) and found out that for $5 more I could add the balance of 2015 (July - December 2015), I was ready to push the button. I was ready to take the plunge.

Tada! It's here!!

She (yes, my planner is a she) is the ready to ship "And so the Adventure Begins" planner. I thought about customizing one but then I realized I can add a customized cover later. Erin makes them and so do a lot of folks elsewhere. I looked at the inside of the customized ones and the inside of the ready to ship one and I liked the ready to ship one better.

I ordered my girl on June 12, 2015 and she arrived at my desk on June 19, 2015! Yaaaas! Can you believe it? It arrived just that quickly. That was my first plus. Then I opened my girl and fell in love. The cover is gorgeous but you already know that. The velum overlay in the front is nice and I love that there is an 18 month calendar double page. I love to see all my months at a glance.

Just like most other calendar layouts, there is a double page for each month and after are double pages for the weeks. On the monthly page you have extra space in the header area and a goal spot on the left hand side. That's not anything amazing but what is pretty good is that there is quite a bit of space to write. I have big, floral handwriting so I need space.

At the end of each month is a blank page and a nice inspirational quote to kick of the next month. I've decide to use my blank page for blog information. At the end of the months there are several blank (but designed) notes pages and a calendar for 2017. You also get some great stickers for voting, birthdays, days off, hair - doctor - dentist appointments, concerts,  mani/pedi's, parties and vacations. There are also 2 pages of blank stickers that you can write on.

Erin also includes a perpetual calendar and contacts book. It's actually a good idea for someone like me that always forgets birthdays so if I have them in a perpetual calendar, I can transfer them annually to my planner.

Erin also gives you quite a few goodies. You get some do-it-all dots, compliment cards, a coil clip sample, sticker samples and referral cards. All of those come in a fantastic plastic pouch. Sure, all of those things are self promotion BUT they are also a fantastic way for me to figure out which of her products that I like and which ones I can do without. I like it.

So, I am ready to test drive my new baby. I will be doing like everyone else and Instagraming my layouts. I'll also be trying out all the sticker ideas that other folks are using. You don't have to come with me on this journey but I'd seriously think about it! If you like planners like I like planners, it's worth it.

If you are thinking about a new planner from Erin Condren, check her page out. If you are 10 or so days away from pulling the trigger you can use my code to get $10 off of your planner (CODE HERE!). I used a $10 off code, because I have to use a code or coupon for everything!

*Please, don't feel that you have to use my code. You don't. I just know that when I was making my purchase I was supper stoked to get $10 off of my purchase. I wanted to extend my discount to you too.

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