Jun 17, 2015

And Now A Bit About Me... The Official Sprinkler of Magical Fairy Dust

Hey there!

One of my most important jobs in life is to be "The Official Sprinkler of Magical Fairy Dust". 

Doesn't sound important, does it? Sounds made up and trivial, huh? But, during my private mediation time, Deepak Chopra told me that it was my job. I'm not making that up – he really did tell me that! I'm embellishing it, but I'm not making it up!

I love to write. I love to talk. I've always assumed that my gift to the world would be writing or talking. It's a no brainer. I have about 27 "started" books and 3 "finished" ones. Nothing has been edited and certainly nothing has been published. Once I write a book, I feel that it's almost too personal for the world to see and I put it away. So, obviously a future in book writing is kinda on hold until that feeling goes away.

And, boy oh boy do I love to talk. I can chat with anyone and everyone and walk away feeling pretty darn good about the conversation. Motivational speaker anyone? I've had several of those sales jobs. You know, the ones where you have "parties" and sell stuff? Well, I suck at those. I mean, I would love to tell you all the reasons that you need a new mixer or these earrings. But, I get clammy and my heart starts racing when I have to get to the big sell. I hate it!

So if I'm not supposed to write or talk, what the heck am I supposed to do? What (other than the kiddo) is my legacy supposed to be?

So, when Deepak and I had some alone time (along with thousands of other people at the Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend), he helped me meditate. During our mediation I asked my higher power what I was put on this earth to do. I wanted to be of service but I wasn't sure how. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.

Do you know what my higher power said? Sprinkle magically fairy dust on people.

You're laughing. I know you are. And, it's ok! I'm sure many people have laughed at the thought of that being my purpose in life. And it is funny, yes it is. 

But you know who doesn't laugh about it? The lady that was feeling really insecure about her new haircut and I told her that it looks fabulous and fierce.

You know else? The man that was having a pretty crappy day and I told him that his presentation last week was fantastic and I'd really like to get the notes from it.

You see, in the end, everyone just wants to be loved. They want to feel warm and fuzzy and know that someone cares about them. I have this weird desire (yes, desire!) to share a kind word or do something extra for someone else. It's like I have a third sense and I can feel when someone needs some support. Even with strangers. I just sprinkle my little dust around and hope I can make someone's day.

Everyone had the magical fairy dust. It may not be your job to sprinkle it on the daily but you should definitely sprinkle it whenever you can. You never know when your magical fairy dust will help someone else.

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