Jun 12, 2015

Nail Polish Change - Orange Nails

Hey there!

I love the fact that summer lets me splash bright colors on my fingers and toes. I am a girl that loves splashes of color and my toes are always a willing canvas for color!

The only thing I have to watch out for is tanning. Towards the middle of summer my hands and feet turn a darker golden shade and that doesn't always work with orange polish. 

But, I have still managed to pull together some of my favorite oranges that help me cool off in the summer!

Mardi Gras by SinfulColors is a melon creme. It's smooth and I can take it from spring into fall. It's almost a one coater. 

Orange Crush by SinfulColors is one of two colors that I use the word "juicy" to describe. I am not a big fan of textured polishes but I keep reaching for this one. I pop on a top coat and all is right with the world. 

Charismatic by Revlon is a shimmering creme polish that is perfect with a "just tanned foot". It doesn't work after the third or fourth tan so I wear it early in the summer. 

Poppy by SallyHansen is an orange almost a pink. It's one of those colors that could go either way. I've had this one for years and it makes an appearance two or more times each year. It's so versatile that you just want to play with it. 

Luck à l'orange by Wet n Wild is my other "juicy" color. It's a shimmer that looks nothing like orange the fruit, but man it's what a summer orange is all about to me. I wear the heck outta this one. It's beautiful no matter how tan your skin gets. It's just a great color on any skin tone. 

Love Me Some Muscles! by Wet n Wild is one I hesitated with. It's a midtone melon but it's kinda blah to me. There isn't any BAM! about this color by amazingly, I reach for this when I need a conservative orange. I can wear one coat and it's a bit sheerer and modest or I can go with two coats and still be pretty modest. 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the weather is hot where you are or just slightly warm. These oranges will change your life!

Or at least your nails!

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