May 5, 2015

What I Drank This Month

Hey there!

It's coffee review time! I drink coffee e'ry day and I try to pick up different flavors to check out each month. I always get my favorite coffee but then I get a few new to me coffees.

Until I find better (probably never), I got my Tully's Decaffeinated French Roast. I keep some at home, I keep some at work and if I could travel with a couple of cups, I probably would. I use to buy it in store at Bed Bath & Beyond but now I have to have it shipped. No worries! I can use a coupon and get free shipping. Love it.

I picked up the Barnie's Coffee Kitchen in Robust Cafe Au Chocolate. I like chocolate coffee flavor so I was pretty excited about this one. It says that it's rich, creamy and decadent. No. It wasn't. It was just coffee with some cocoa added. Not sweet hot chocolate coffee added to coffee, just plain cocoa. It didn't taste good and after 2 tries, I took it to work.

The next coffee that I tried was Timothy's German Chocolate Cake coffee. It was a medium roast (meaning I brewed it on the smallest cup to get more flavor). I didn't like it either! I wasn't terrible but the flavor was off. I couldn't explain it. I ended up taking these to work too (those lucky people in my office!).

What have you been drinking this month? Have you tried any new coffees that you can recommend? And as always, I'm still on the lookout for great decaffeinated coffees. Can you hook a girl up? 

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