Apr 23, 2015

Zoya Earth Day Exchange

(image borrowed with lots of love from zoya.com)

Hey there!

I wanted to mention that Zoya is doing their Earth Day Exchange (link). What it is, is an opportunity to turn in any old or toxic or crappy polish in exchange for 50% off of new, BIG5FREE polishes. The link explains what that is and how to do it.

I have several Zoya polishes that I have managed to snag during promotions. And, I've been saving old polish that I didn't want, for this promotion. It really gives you an opportunity to go through what you have, toss the old, bring in the new and start fresh.

I don't have very many polishes on my Zoya wish list but I thought that I'd at least mention some of the colors that have caught my eye.

(image borrowed with lots of love from zoya.com)
Zara is a duo chrome shimmer, blue toned purple. It has a cool metallic finish and looks really nice against almost all skin types. I don't have this type of purple in my collection so I figured this is the one to add.
(image borrowed with lots of love from zoya.com)
Leslie is also a cool metallic finish but it's a truer pale purple. It's a soft spring color that I think will look fantastic on my finger and toe nails.
(image borrowed with lots of love from zoya.com)
Pandora is a cool metallic nude pink (see a trend here?). It's going to be a pretty shimmery nude that is going to work well for spring. It's a bit pearly and champagney and I know I'll enjoy it.
(image borrowed with lots of love from zoya.com)
And I know that I have said PixieDusts are not my favorite but Cosmo looks so pretty! It's a silver grey pixiedust that is going to add some sparkle to a party nail or even my toes!

I've been eyeballing a few more but these are 4 that will probably end up at home with me. I'm not sure about the others in my basket.

You should take a look at your polish collection and think about getting rid of some of your older stuff. Even if you don't pay $4.50 or $5.00 for a new polish, you shouldn't put anything too old on your nails.

And besides, can you really pass up a deal like this?

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