Apr 22, 2015

Pinchme - April 2015 - Preview

Hey There!

Do you know what Pinchme is? (link <-- just tells you what Pinchme is) Well, my sister hooked me up with the site. Once a month they have free samples that you can try. You try them, review them, tell your friends about them -- all that fun stuff. It's like walking into Sam's Club or Costco for the freebies! Most months they have several things that I like to try. And it's free! They send you everything for free! But, you have to be quick. Normally within the first 30 minutes that the site goes live (12pm noon on a certain Tuesday of the month) the good stuff goes away.

This month I got quite a bit of good stuff. I'm most excited about the Olay Fresh Outlast in Cooling White Strawberry. I like Olay bath products and I am pretty sure I'll like this. AND, look at this size! It's a 3 oz sample. That's a good sample size! I also got a coupon for my next purchase.

I've gotten Gevalia Kaffee samples before and I like them pretty well. This one is a medium House Blend. It's not as strong as I like but it will do the trick. I'll use my Keurig spare cup and make it this week.

I got a Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. I've actually tried this product before so I know what to expect. Nivea was pretty smart on this. The concept is a great one. I'll make you wait for my review though. It's more fun that way!

I'll try a Pure Via Sweetener this time. I got a sample pack and a coupon. I can't remember trying Stevia products before so this should be interesting.

I also got a $100 Wine Voucher for nakedwines.com. I've never gone to this site so I don't know what it's about. I'll try it out and tell you good folks if you should try it or not.

So that's my pinchme box for April. It's nothing super fancy but it is a FREE, fun way to try new things. This looks like a good batch of stuff to try. I'm excited about it.

If you decide that you want in on free stuff then you really need sign up! You need to go see what it's about! It's free stuff folks! Get you some!!

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