Apr 24, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Birthday Outing

Hey there!

A few fine folks wanted to know what I did for my birthday. Well, the night after my birthday I went to a local place and saw a cover band for Journey called Departure. I love that band and I love the venue. I'm there at least 2 - 3 times a month.

Anyway, I had to look cute but casual (it's a very casual atmosphere) so pulled out some old standbys and paired them with a brand new find!

I found my jeans at Walmart and I love them. They are Riders by Lee and they are comfortable and fit so well. They hug the curves and are super sexy (at least that's what I've heard!).

I paired them with one of my favorite pair of red sandals. They are a pair of Anne Klein's that I picked up at DSW. I love sandals and these red ones are the pop of color that any outfit needs. And, you can dance all night long in them. Trust me -- I know!

I wore just a plain brown tank top that I picked up from Forever 21. I pay a bit more and buy the longer ones. I let them hang over my jeans and cover any middle issues that I might have going on.

My top is the new item. It's from Live 4 Truth. I picked it up from Ross and I have been wearing it every chance that I get. It's just a cute red kimono that pairs well with jeans (and of course my red sandals!). It's lightweight and loose fitting. It's perfect for this time of year when it's nice during the day but a tiny bit chilly at night.

Again, my outfit was perfect for the venue. It was laid back and relaxed but I knew that I could still pull phone numbers when needed (puts down her cherry coke zero and winks). I enjoyed my evening and my outfit!

What's your perfect birthday evening? Do you have an outfit already picked out or is it too far away? Do you choose a new birthday outfit or is an old standby the way to go?

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