Apr 6, 2015

Sandal Weather

Hey there!

It has gotten just a little bit warm here in the South and people have started to show their feet. And, it's not always pretty. I have already seen some crusty feet and half polished toes. Some folks just don't get it. This is a summer no-no.

I confess that I don't do the best pedicures during the winter months. I can't wear sandals so it's like I put my feet away until I can pull them out again. But, it never fails, about April or so, I decide that it's time to get my feet right again. What do I do? I call my Avon lady.

Everyone knows that I get my favorite bubble baths from Avon. What you may not know is what else I get from Avon. I buy pajamas, nail polish, cosmetics, jewelry, specialty containers and foot products. Girlzzzzz, if you aren't checking out the Avon book or website, you are missing out.

To heal my heel problem, I order the Avon Foot Works Dual-action Pedi-Peel pads. I spend about $2.49 on this little baby. There are 22 pads, plenty to get your heels and rough patches together for sandal weather. I normally use 2 pads the first night, 1 pad the next 2 nights and then 1 pad every week after that. If my heels get rough, I go to every other night until they are back in flip flop form.

These pads are magical. I mean it! They take my rough heels and make them better over night. And, the price is amazing! I use to get my feel done at the salon but my mom works for a dermatologist and feels the need to tell me horror stories of nail issues. Also, I think I picked up a pinky toe nail fungus there. It took almost 9 months to get rid of it completely. I was not a happy camper and have been doing my own nails every since. Besides, have you seen my nail polish collection?!

So, tonight begins my spring time ritual. I will rub a pad on each of my heels, moving up the arch of my foot to the pads of my feet. I'll let me feet dangle off the side of my bed while I use some cuticle oil on my nails and slather some lip balm on my lips. I'll check out some Instagram pics and by then my feet will be dry. I'll slide them in bed and in the morning, the unicorn tear magic will have made me feet half way to smooth. I'll do it again tomorrow night and then I'll be ready for sandals!

What do you use to get your tootsies ready for the weather?

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