Apr 7, 2015

Quickie Review - City Color face set

Hey there!

I was roaming the aisles at Ross again and came across this City Color set. It had a Matte Bronzer, Bronzing Stick and Shimmer Highlight. They looked great and I am all about bronzers and highlighters. For $5.99 I was stoked. But, that feeling was short lived.

I got the kit home and did some swatchy swatches and to my horror, the colors did nothing for me (or anyone really). The Matte Bronzer didn't show up at all. Not. At. All. The Shimmer Highlight is just this side of chalk. The Bronzing Stick probably could have been salvaged but after dealing with everything else, I wasn't feeling it.

I didn't try to use the bronzer but I tried to use the Shimmer highlight and Bronzing Stick. The highlight looked like I put flour on my face. No shimmer at all. The Bronzing Stick took too much effort to blend out. It also was oily. Weird.

I was sad because I really wanted to love these products. I have seen these products reviewed over and over and folks seem to like them. Well, I didn't and I have no plans on trying to make these work.

So, I'm going to make another run to Ross to take it back. Yeah, I'll probably pick up something in its place.

Stop judging me! This is a judge free zone!

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