Apr 29, 2015

Quickie Review - Buxom Full-on Lip Cream in Dolly

Hey There!

I love Buxom lippies. They have just enough color, they tingle a little bit, they smell really good, they have the cutest names and I have yet to meet a bad color. I picked up the Full-on Lip Cream in Dolly. I wanted the limited edition one but that one has shimmer. I'm kinda over the shimmer lip gloss/creams.

The tingle doesn't bother me. I know that some folks get weirded out by it but it's the same as Carmex to me. No big deal. It's kinda that thing about if it's tingling, I know that it's working. Now, I don't need plumper lips or anything but I do feel that when I wear them I tend to poke my lips out a bit more. So, I guess I end up with plumper lips.

The color isn't super amazing but it is wonderful. It's a sheer light brown sugar color. I normally use Buxoms over lipsticks to help with the staying power. I don't mind using them on their own but the give so-so lipsticks that extra zing.

Buxom lip glosses are just a tiny big sticky (but not uncomfortably so) and they last for several hours (with me eating and drinking). I think that's really the appeal to me. I know that when I but a Buxom lipgloss on, it's staying.

I enjoy this new color. I have several mini's (because that's when I rack up) and just a handful of full sizes but love all of them. If you are new to Buxom, this might be the color to try out first. It gives a hint of color and allows you to feel the tingle.

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