Apr 30, 2015

NYX Intense Butter Glosses

Hey There!

Awww man! Why did I wait so long to pick these up? I know why. I purchased a few NYX Intense Butter Glosses (or whatever they were called) a few years back and they were thick, unflatteringly staining and terrible colors. I tossed the ones that I purchased. But, I am in love with the regular NYX Butter Gloss and I was willing to take a chance.

And bay-bee! I am so glad that I did. I purchased three fantastic colors; Chocolate Crepe, Toasted Marshmallow and Spice Cake. They are deeper, darker colors that will work better in the fall but I can sheer them out. It's not a problem.

They are smooth and creamy and smell like a dream! They aren't as sweet vanilla smelling as the regular Butter Glosses but they still sweet - cake batter smell. They wear well and last a long time! They do stain so you can put it on and then do a brief touchup later. I love it.

So now that I have test driven these, I plan on trying some others shades out. Tres Leche and Napoleon may end up in my home!

Have you tried these out yet? Why not? You need to run to ULTA, Walgreens or CVS and try them out!

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