Apr 18, 2015

Bath & Body Works Car Scents

Hey there!

It's not my fault! It's my car's fault.

I've been going back and forth on whether or not I was going to a new car freshener and every time I went into Bath and Body Works I'd see those car clip on thingies.

I got a coupon and decided that I needed a Mason Jar Scentportable Holder. I peeked at them with my sister about a month ago with my sister and decided to leave them. But each time I left them in the store. Then, my car hanging fragrance thing stopped working. Reason enough.

I picked up 4 scents for $10. I didn't get really fragrant ones but ones that I thought would work in the closed confines of my vehicle. It's about to get hot and I don't want it to get too fragrant.

Yes, I said a Mason Jar holder. I had to choose from a sparkling purple holder or a beaded appliqué holder or a coral dragonfly flower or...well you've seen them. You know all the cuteness I had to look through. In the end I decided to go with summer drinking cute.

Once I decided on a Mason Jar holder, I had to pick 4 smellies for my car. I picked Watermelon Lemonade, Cinnamon Caramel Swirl, Island Margarita and Peach Bellini.

Yes! I know that they are all food scents. I don't need you to point that out to me. I don't need your judgment!

Besides, it means my car is gonna smell better than your car.

Or at least you'll get thirsty for a delicious summer beverage.

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