Apr 17, 2015

Let's Enjoy 43

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Hey there!

Just a warning -- this is not about makeup or home goods. I turned 43 yesterday so today I get to talk about life. I get to have a real moment on my blog. If that's not for you, you may want to check back in tomorrow. But, if you want to give me a birthday gift, you can let me have this moment and be ok with it. There's some babbling and some tears, but it will ok.

I told you yesterday that I'd probably write about how fantastical turning 43 is. Well, it is pretty fantastical but that has very little to do with me. It has everything to do with the kiddo and lifestyle.

You see, I've been a single mom for quite a bit and raising kids is hard (you know that!). I've mentioned the kiddo and I've mentioned how magically wonderful she is. She is AMAZING! I am a lucky momma. But, the kiddo is graduating in less than 30 days. When she graduates, we get to shift from kiddo to young lady and we get to shift from teenage lifestyle to adult young lady lifestyle.

That's a big leap for me and her! We both are about to see some changes! We're moving to a different area. We're getting rid of old, childish furniture and we're getting new, adult people furniture. We're transitioning from mommie and child to mother and daughter. That doesn't seem like anything big, but any mommie getting ready to turn to a mother because their child is graduating high school or college or joining the service or getting a big girl/boy job knows that it is major! Life is about to shift.

And I'm excited about it.

43 is going to be a new adventure because it really will be new. The kiddo (and we will have to find a new name in 28 days -- help me with that please) will have a different set of rules. Those high school rules and regulations will change to college permissions and restrictions. No, neither of us knows what they are just yet, but there will be some and we are both excited about it.

So what does that mean for me? Well, major thing, I'm moving to a city (about 20 miles from where I am now) that is structured around a work/play lifestyle that I enjoy. When I researched the city I didn't ask one damned question about the nearest school. I didn't ask where the local park was and I didn't look to see if a daycare center was near me. Nope! I wanted to know where shopping was and if I could grab a bottle of wine on the way home from work. Priority shift.

I also have begun the process of not running home after work. Sometimes I meet co-workers or friends for a drink or bite to eat after work and sometimes I just go shopping. Yes, there is a bit of guilt associated with it but that's a mom thing. I've been told by the best "moms of post college kids" that it never goes away but it does dull a bit.

I can also travel a bit more. Not Disney Land type travel -- touring wine country or ladies spa weekend type travel. I don't have to check in with the kiddo to make sure she locked the door, warmed up her dinner, did homework, etc. I simply tell her I'm going out of town, I left you food and snacks, deuces. The only time she calls me is if she can't find the pop tarts or ran out of toothpaste (both are true phone calls, recently!). She is learning to be independent and find her way in the world. That mean's I'm learning to do the same thing!

So I'm ready 43! While the kiddo is blossoming into a great, responsible, beautiful, young lady, I'm blossoming into me. I'm able to take off my mommie hat (hold it in my hand or sit it right next to me -- you know keep it near in case of emergencies) and be me. I haven't been me in 25 years. I've been wifey and mommie but I haven't been me.

I'm going to enjoy the hell outta 43! If you want to see it, take a peek at my Instagram (<-- that's the link) and you can see what fun and exciting things I'm up to. On my blog, I'm going to do some new, fun stuff too! You get a the same birthday gift that I get!

Only I get to wear it, eat it, touch it, smell it and you get to read about what I thought about wearing it, eating it, touching it, smelling it.

That's almost the same thing!

Enjoy 43 with me.

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