Mar 20, 2015

Why I Didn't Buy It - Rimmel London Un-BB-Lievable BB Cream

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Spring is on its way. I don't like wearing foundation anyway so that's when I wear a thin layer of BB cream. I have a LancĂ´me BB cream right now that's waiting for its turn. I'm more than happy to try another brand. Aren't we always looking for the next new amazing product? 

I ran across a display for Rimmel London Un-BB-Lievable BB Cream the other day. They had BB Original, BB Radiance and BB Matte. Each BB cream offers something different (24 hour hydration, radiance and an oil-free formula that controls shine). Do you want to know what they didn't offer?


The darkest shade that they had was Medium. I had my sister squeeze the tube for me. As you can see by her hand, that shade was too light for her. It was also too light for me.

I was disappointed honestly. Normally cosmetic lines have at least one shade of a product for darker skinned women. You can tell from the display that the darkest shade that they had was medium. You wanna know what happens when you go to the website and search?


I'm not sure why I'm a little ticked. Maybe it's because I buy so many of their lipsticks and lip glosses and nail polishes and face powders that I kinda thought they'd think about me when it came to bb cream. It's like the neighbor that you always go out your way to sign for their packages and bring them brownies when you make too many and water their flowers when you water yours. And then, when they see you pulling up the driveway, they turn their head in order to make sure that they don't make eye contact with you.

Rimmel London isn't making eye contact with me! I'm slightly disturbed by that. Kinda.

But, nevertheless, that is why I am NOT buying this product.

Because I can't.

Unless I lighten up about 2 shades.

And summer's coming so that ain't gonna happen.

So I'll avoid this product and let someone else have all the fun.

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