Mar 11, 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hey there!

It's been a minute but I thought it was probably time to revisit "what's in my makeup bag". This is the bag that I always take to work and have with me in case I need a touch up during the day or go somewhere after work. I always take my little pink bag with my makeup of the day but I always have certain things that stay in the bag.

First of all, my pretty (but dingy) pink bag is a Mally bag that I got with a purchase a year or so ago. I like it because it's nice and sturdy. It's small enough to fit in my work bag and big enough for the makeup that I might need.

I always have my face powder and lip products that I used that morning and for some reason, a spare lipstick. It's usually the lippie from the previous day.

I always keep a Sephora sample bag with my perfume sample of the week. Sometimes I forget to spritz before I leave home and this way I can smell good anyway!

I always keep a tube of Aquaphor and a Maybelline Baby Lips in my bag. With all of the lip care that I keep on hand, you'd think my lips would be baby soft. They are reasonably soft but not super soft.

And randomness is a hair clamp, lubricating eye drops and 2 adhesive bandages. The hair clamp is for days when all the cute curls go away. The lubricating eye drops are for refreshing tired eyes. The bandages are leftovers from when I had a very small keloid on my upper chest area that I was trying to treat.

If I know that I am going out, I will bring my blush, bronzer and a brush for refreshing. But, most of the time I just do without. I'm a pretty natural girl.

And that's it really. Sometimes I remember to touch up my lipstick, sometimes I forget. I might refresh my bronzer or blush if I'm having dinner with friends but most of the time I don't. I do pull out the hair clip frequently and you always need eye drops.

What's in your makeup bag? Does it need refreshing or is everything in it ok?

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