Mar 12, 2015

Does it make scents?

Hey There!

I had to work really hard at using up 4 candles this month (February). I think I did too much running around outside of my house and my rule is if I'm not going to be home for at least 2 hours, I won't light a candle. And, all of these were full sized candles. It takes longer to use up full sized candles. That's why I like mini candles.

The first candle I used up was a Lavender candle from Izola that a friend bought me for Christmas...2 years ago. I didn't want to use it because then it's gone. But, it smelled really calming. Now I'm glad I burned it. It came from a small business (and he purchased it on Small Business Saturday) so I can always purchase another one.

The second candle was a cutie. It was an Entenmann's Lemon Pound Cake scented candle. I was so excited to burn it. In the jar it smells so fantastic. Weeeeeeeeeel, it was just ok once I began burning it. I was glad when it was done. It burned a while but it smelled weird and I wasn't into it.

The third candle was AMAZE-BALLS! It was a Food Network Berry Pomegranate Spritzer candle that my sister bought me for Christmas. It smelled soooo good. It burned a long time and I was so sad when it was done. I am definitely going to pick up another one of these. I think she got it from Wally World.

The final candle of the month was a Bath & Body Works candle in Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn. I really like this candle BUT it is a very strong scent. I could only burn this one for 2 hours at a time. After that, I got all stuffy and my nose got mad at me. I could probably burn this about 2 more hours but I'm kinda sick of it. It's nice but really!

And the bonus scent was a Glade plug in pack in Fresh Berry. Very nice. Very fresh. I kept this one plugged into the wall right by the front door and kitchen. I have often thought about other brands of wall plug in apparatuses but Glaa-day plug ins are the best in my opinion. They have great fragrances and they are slightly cheaper than the other wall plug in apparatuses.

So yes, my house smelled really good all month. What did you house smell like this month?

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