Mar 10, 2015

Shoe Of The Day - Sam & Libby Marley Boot

Hey there!

This post is not makeup related. It is, however, booty related (ha! get it? beauty - booty? I crack myself up sometimes). I decided today I would tell you about the pair of booties that I have been wearing the hell out of.

I am particular about everything shoes. I will search high and low for the perfect shoe for months and when I find one, I buy 4 of them. I will buy every color that they have in that shoe. I had been on a boot search for a few months when I stumbled on these babies. I wanted a low bootie with a simple heel (that I could walk in comfortably) and a simple design. I had roamed almost every shoe store in town without any luck. Then, I happened to be walking in Target (not my local one -- you know the one that closed -- but one across town) and I saw on my Target Shopping Cart App that these boots were on sale, with 25% off and a bonus 5% off of that. I went up and down the aisles looking for gold.

I can't remember what these boots were listed for originally, but with all of my discounts, I paid about $12. Score! I clipped the tags off at the checkout counter and put them on. That was at the end of December. Well, every weekend since, my feet have been incased in this suede gorgeousness. I've danced in them, walked long distances in them, shopped in them, done everything but slept in them (and drive. I don't drive in my good shoes). I am loving the mess out of these boots!

And they don't appear to be anything special. They look like every other bootie you've seen. But your eyes are deceiving you, my lovelies. These boots are magical. I think there is a unicorn tear drop in each pair. They make every pair of jeans I own look fancy. I can take a regular old top and jean, pop these bad boys on and I am ready to head to the party! Or the mall, you know.

These boots are black suede with silver fittings. I like that. I mainly wear silver jewelry and not gold. I will wear every other metal before gold so these fittings work for me.

I really have enjoyed these boots and I am so glad that I found them.

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