Mar 18, 2015

Quickie Review - bareMinerals Mineral Blush in Luminary

Hey There!

I'm going to just begin this post telling you how disappointed I am. I never thought this product wouldn't work. I have purchased quite a few (I mean QUITE a few) products from bareMinerals and to date, everything has worked beautifully...except this one.

I got my bareMinerals Mineral Blush in Luminary as part of a boxed set. The reason that I purchased the boxed set was because of the lipstick and lip gloss duo AND I wanted to give my mom the mascara as part of my holiday gift to her (a bunch of mascaras cause Mommie has problems finding the right one). I saw this blush as a bonus. I was wrong.

The color is beautiful. It's a berry wine color that you just know is going to be perfect year round. I thought that I'd use a touch during the winter months and once I get my summer color, I'd use a bit more.

And, that probably would work just fine. The color isn't the problem. The color is great. The first problem is the chalkiness. Yes, I said that a mineral blush was chalky. I've had mineral blushes before and normally they go on smooth. The powder doesn't stay powdery. This one did. Maybe the kit was old? Is that a thing for mineral powder?

The second problem was that because it was chalky, it was also patchy. I had to really work to get this all over my cheeks evenly. I finally got the lightly pigmented color on my cheeks after much buffing and tapping and stamping. The surprise came 2 - 3 hours later when the color began to fade. I very rarely have that happen to me. I've had blushes that didn't last long but normally they are the cheaper blushes.

I must say I'm still shocked. I expected a bit better from this product but you know, not everything that you purchase will be a winner. This is not a winner. I think I'll stick to the other products that bareMinerals does well and leave this one alone.

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