Mar 30, 2015

Shoe Of The Day - Mossimo Supply Co Flats

Hey there!

It would seem that some of you liked my shoe of the day, even though it's more of a "shoe of the moment" instead of day. Because you showed such an interest, I thought I'd show you what I've been wearing/getting ready to wear now. I really like a good flat or sandal and now that it is warming up, my feet are going to be super happy.

I've mentioned that my local Target closed so I have to travel if I want to have a Tar-jay stroll. I had a doctor's appointment a week ago and there was a Target next door, soooooo...I went in!

I stocked up on quite a bit of things that I can only find at Target (or that Target has a better price) and spent a considerable amount of time in the shoe department. Wanna know why? BOGO half off.

BOGO half off at Target is when I stock up on shoes. I hate paying full price for anything and BOGO half off is a GREAT excuse to treat myself. This time I picked up 2 more pairs of Mossimo Supply Co flats. I already owned a pair of tobacco brown flats and a pair of wine suede flats. I love them. I wear them all the time. If I can't wear sandals and it's not boot season, it's time for flats.

These flats come in a myriad of colors and styles. You can pick up patent leather-like, stripes or plain leather-like. This week I added a pair of black and cream striped flats and a pair of basic black flats. They are sooo comfortable, so versatile and they go with almost everything. I keep them by the door so I can just slip my feet in them and go.

The normal price of these shoes is $16.99 but with BOGO half, they were $12.74 each. Not a bad deal, if I must say so myself.

If you have seen these ballet flat and wondered if they were comfortable, let me assure you that they are. They go with everything and with 2 or 3 pairs of them in your closet, you cannot go wrong!

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