Mar 28, 2015

Review - Illamasqua Nail Polish

Hey there!

Almost two months ago I bought 3 Illamasqua nail polishes during a Hautelook Mani Mondays sale. Everyone talks about these polishes and how fantastic the colors and formulas are. I was excited because the Hautelook deal made my polishes $7.50 instead of the ridiculous full price of $23 plus International shipping.

I purchased Harem, Stance and Raindrops. I've only used Harem and Stance so far. Harem is a bubblegum pink that I wore for a week and still couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Other folks liked it but I was undecided. I think if I do wear it again, I'll wear it on my toes.

Stance is a beautiful fuchsia pink that is an amazing color. I wore it for a week as well and knew after top coating it that I loved the color.

Now for the bad news. The formula sucks moose balls. I mean I really wanted to say something harsher. It is the WORST formula I have ever come across. I really needed 3 plus coats because even after 2 coats my nails were super patchy. The polish is really thin and pools and even if you use the best thin coat method you can think of, you are still in for 3 more coats.

I'm not sure what the appeal is. I don't plan on giving this brand a second chance. The first look was just too horrible. Because the colors are beautiful, I will continue to use these polishes but on my toes. I will not purchase another one though. They just aren't for me.

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