Mar 27, 2015

Mini Haul - Zoya Nail Polish

Hey there!

Yeah, I did it again!

So what!

I know. It's a sickness. When Zoya had a nail polish sale (plus free gift) I just had to add to my collection. I couldn't resist. There were a few colors from the new collection that I wanted to try and an older one. I also really wanted to branch out and try the lippie stick that was the freebie.

I decided on Brittany, Brigitte and Tove. Brittany and Tove are from the newest satin collection but a top coat will take care of the matte problem (because in my book a matte polish IS a problem).

Brittany and Brigitte are shades of mauve and I am super excited to wear them (in fact, Brigitte is in cue for this weekend). Tove is a dusty blue that I am dying to get on my fingers. The swatches are 2 coats but I'm almost sure that 1 coat would have been enough. I am pretty happy about this purchase.

And that lippie is looks like a party waiting to happen. It's a bit dark in the tube so I wish I could have had the fall and winter to play with it but it might be sheerer or lighter than I think. We'll see.

The entire package was only $27, shipping and handling included. That's $6.75 per item. Not bad in my book. Just wait for the review and I'll let you know if they are worth it.

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