Mar 2, 2015

Nail It! Magazine

Hey there!

Let's talk nails, shall we? Last year I reviewed a nail polish or two each Monday. I'd paint my nails on a Sunday night and wear it until the next Sunday night and then I'd tell you if I liked it or lumped it. I stopped doing the Monday manicures because I wanted some more flexibility as to when I paint my nails, how long I keep them painted, etc. I decided to just review polishes as I feel that I need to. The other nice thing about the flexibility is that I can haul different nail products as well. I can talk about polish remover or nail cleanser or nail magazines.

Yes, nail magazines. This past Saturday I was in a different neck of the woods and I just had to stop by the Walgreens in that area. I was shocked to see a nail magazine! You know I picked it up. One would think that just slapping some paint on the old nails would satisfy me. No! What on earth would make you think that?

I thought when I picked up this mag that only 25% of it would apply to me. That was about right. There was an article on base coats and that was right on time for me. Of course it showed off the newest polish collections (which means I have a list of about 10 new colors that I want) and it gave me some great ideas for creative nail designs.

The magazine also talked about extravagant nail designs with striping brushes, jewels and different techniques. I was introduced to some Indie polishes and new polishe brands (to me) like Color Club, Venique, K.B. Shimmer, Dare to Wear, Cuccio Colour, Lacquer Lust and Jamberry.

No, I'm not going to go full hog and begin doing super fancy stuff with my nails. I'm going to keep making my party nail(s) the highlight of my routine. But, I may also try some lines or designs and see how that works. You never know! I'm also going to make sure that I check out some Indie brands.

Have you seen this magazine? Have you noticed all the great nail designs that are going on? Are you in? Are you going to try something new this year?

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