Feb 8, 2015

Sunday Fun Day - Sinful Colors Valentine's Day Flirt with Hearts

Hey There!

I have been running around in circles trying to find the Sinful Colors Valentine's Day Flirt with Hearts polishes. have searched several Walgreens trying to find it. I know that there is a whole Valentine's Day display with several colors but I really want the Love Sprinkles one, which is (from what I've heard) the only new one in the bunch.

Before I began my journey, I took out all of the pinky, valentiney colors that I had in my Sinful colors collection.

Nine. Yes. I have nine pinky, valentiney colors in my Sinful Colors collection. In my defense, I love painting the tootsies pink. Shades of pink just make my toes happy and at .99 cents - $1.99 each, you can't pass them up! I know I certainly didn't.

Glass Pink is a very delicate pink. It's soft and feminine and pretty.

Your's Truely is pretty pastel pink. It's nice but I don't reach for it that much.

Pinky Glitter reminds me of a jelly polish. I'm not versed in polish enough to know if it really is a jelly, but it reminds me of one. It looks slightly orange in the bottle but I assure you it's not. I call it a Cinderella pink because when built up (2-3 coats) it's sparkly.

24/7 is my pepto-bismol pink. It's your classic Barbie doll pink. It's great against tan toes.

Pink Forever is like a not so pepto pink. It's still bright, but not as bright as 24/7. It still looks good against tan toes though.

Boom Boom is a bright fuchsia pink polish. It's a winter pink.

Forget Now is a gorgeous, shimmery fuchsia. It is a perfect color for toes or fingers. 2 regular coats are a nice and sheer. That 3rd coat is the ka-pow! that you need for your nails.

Tokyo Doll is a pearlescent fuchsia pink. This is a perfect pink for toes or fingers as well.

Ruby Mine is one the best sparkly pinks. It's a textured pink (and I don't normally like them) but with a top coat, it's makes it better. It reminds me of candy and I like to use it as an accent nail.

So before I began my quest, I took stock of what I had so I wouldn't duplicate any efforts. I also did a mental check to make sure I wanted to keep all of the pinky colors that I had. I do.

Oh! I did find that Love Sprinkles polish...waaaay back on a bottom shelf at a Walgreens 20 miles from my house.

Go figure.

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