Feb 16, 2015

Sample Bin Review - Perfumes

Hey There!

I've been playing in perfume again. With all of the holiday purchases, it was bound to happen. Everyone sends perfume samples! If I had my choice, I'd never get a perfume sample. Send me makeup or skincare samples. Keep your perfume samples.

But I did get them so I've been trying them over the past two months.

Euphoria (1.7oz, $68 Sephora) - This is a heavy scent. It's a spicy scent with (according to sephora.com) notes of mahogany wood, liquid amber and black orchid. It's too strong for me. I like a delicate, soft scent and this is far from it. It would certainly stand out in a crowded room (or train) and I don't like perfumes that do that.

J'adore (1.7 oz, $92 Sephora) - This is a strong scent too but it's a more floral scent. It's wearable but not every day. It's not the floral fragrance that's heavy -- the floral isn't over powering. It's the scent overall that's heavy. It's a winter scent in my book. I'll actually keep this tester and wear it every now and then.

Coco (1.7 oz, $92 Sephora) - I ended up with 2 of these samples. I know I'm going to get reamed for saying anything bad about the premier fragrance of money and power but this is waaay to old lady for me. It's super strong and super heavy. I can't tell you any notes about this one (I mean I couldn't tell you notes period) but it's just thick. Does that make sense to you? It's a thick perfume that my grandma probably would have liked for church on Sunday morning. Yuk.

Miss Dior (1.7 oz, $75 Sephora) - What the hell? I'm mad at Sephora for giving me this! I smell like, I don't know, mixed perfume lady. I can't give you a note or anything. It's not floral. It's not heavy. It's just nasty. The website says blood orange essence and rose essence and amber patchouli essence. Give them damned essences back! This is crap. I will never spray this bottle again. I need to go sniff some coffee beans.

Roadster by Cartier (16oz, $80 Nordstrom) - I think I ran out of sample options and had to get a man fragrance. Before giving this away to one of the guys at work, I thought I'd give it a snifferoo. It's not bad at all. It's manly and not too strong. I'd hug a man that was wearing that.

I still have several samples to try but these were the most recent ones that I had received. I was pretty sure that none of these would be winners. I'm picking with my fragrances and these just seemed like they'd be heavy and not my style. Fingers crossed that the rest of my scents are better.

What are you wearing right now? Was it a store sample or did you seek it out? Are you loving it? Would I love it?

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