Feb 15, 2015

Dollar Tree Parchment Paper, Foil and Storage Bags

Hey There!

Let's move away from makeup today. Let's talk about our homes, shall we?!

I've been in my Dollar Tree a lot lately. I normally don't go in there for paper products and such but my local Target closed so instead of traveling, I've been trying out Dollar Tree brands. Yes, the Dollar Tree has many name brands but I wanted to try brands I hadn't tried before. I wanted to see if they stood up to the stuff I had been using for years.

My first product was the Durable Parchment Paper 25 sq. ft. (Dollar Tree Brand). I bake quite a bit during the holidays. My last parchment paper lasted almost two years and cost me almost $4. It was a 45 sq. ft. roll. This one was, of course a dollar. They both performed exactly the same. There has been no difference at all. I won't pay full price for this item again -- Dollar Tree all the way.

The next item I tried was the Aluminum Foil Sheets 30 sheets, 13.39in. X 10.75in. I've never tried a whole box of Reynolds Wrappers Pop-Up Foil Sheets (25 count, 14 in X 10.25 in). I've only tried sheets from other folks home when I was preparing to go plates. In my opinion, same thing.

Before purchasing these from the Dollar Tree, I always just used foil by the roll. The kiddo and I found we were actually always using the same amount of foil when we baked things or wrapped things. The amount that we used was about the same as the amount that you get in a pop up sheet.

The Reynolds Wrap Foil that I used to purchase is the 75 sq. ft. foil. I know that it's probably more cost effective to purchase this rather than the pop-up sheets, but man! The easy and convenience of these sheets makes it such a better deal for the kiddo and me. We appreciate anything that makes our lives easier AND not cuts our hands!! You know what I mean.

Now, what I did not like was the GoodSense Zipper Seal Freezer & Storage Bags. The first one I pulled out of the box didn't even close. The second one closed but I wouldn't have put anything in it and put it in the freezer. No, I like the stiff, blue Glad Freezer Gallon Zipper Bags. They cost a bit more, yes, but I feel that my food is safe in the freezer.

So yes, yes, no. You find one thing that you didn't like. But, you know what? It only cost me a dollar to figure that out.

That's pretty nice!

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