Feb 17, 2015

Pop-Arazzi Nail Polish

Hey There!

There is a CVS nail the train station that I park at. I know that it's there but I hardly ever get there. It's on the way home but getting out of the CVS driveway is not as easy as it could be. So, I normally avoid that CVS. Last week, I decided to turn in.

I toured the aisles (like I always do) with a hand cart and my CVS card, searching out deals. I stopped at this new Pop-Arazzi Nail Polish display (yes, I know that I should have taken a picture of it but the sales clerk was eyeballin' me!). I had never seen this display before but all of the pretty spring colors excited me.

I found out later that Pop-Arazzi Nail Polish may or may not be replacing the Spoiled nail polish line. I've never tried anything from the Spoiled nail polish line so I might have missed out on some real gems. But, if Pop-Arazzi is replacing them, I can catch them on the discount somewhere, right?!

Anywho, I did pick up two Pop-Arazzi colors because they were on sale for $2.99 each or 2/$5.00. I chose Short But Sweet and a Pop FX glitter in Sparkle-fetti.

Short But Sweet is like a peachy, coral color. The first coat was streaky as crap and kinda difficult to work with. The second coat was better but not great. The overall look is nice when you look from afar, not so great when you look up close.

The Pop FX glitter however, was amazeballs. It's sparkly and applied easily. I used it as a beautiful topper but I could build this up on it's own easily. It is thick but most glitter polishes are that way on me. I haven't perfected glitter polish yet. I'm working on it! But, this one is so great, I am going back for more.

These were a bit disappointing. I know that they were only $2.50 each but there are dollar polishes that have better formulas. I might give another solid color a try. I will definitely give some more of the Pop FX glitters a try.

Have you seen these? What did you think?


  1. I picked up a boat load of these today for $.99 each. I found that they applied really nicely, and most are opaque or nearly so in one coat. They colors are pretty, bu they do have a strong odor for the first couple of minute.

  2. Use Sally Hansen insta-dry top coat it smoothes out the color nicely

    1. Thanks! I love the Sally Hansen insta-dry top coat! It's great stuff!!