Feb 27, 2015

Quickie Re-Review - Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit

Hey there!

Last year I purchased a Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit. The palette itself came with a Base, Browlighter, Lidcolor and Crease color. It's a pretty palette. The color payoff sucks though. Everything was brown but a "it doesn't show up on my eyes" brown. So, this palette stayed in my palette stack for a long time, not being used. Then I decided I needed some powder liner that my lash follicles could breathe through. Guess what slapped me upside the head?!

So, I've been using the brown crease color as eyeliner. Yep! I use a bit of MAC Fix Plus Spray (cause what else am I using it for?) and dap a bit under my eyes or wing it. It works very well, stays all day and at night when I'm removing my makeup, it comes off super easy. And, most of all, it doesn't clog my lash follicles. What more could a woman ask for?!

Well, I mean yeah, I could ask for a palette with great pigmentation but besides that! What could a girl ask for?

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