Feb 26, 2015

e.l.f. Skincare Line

Photo credit: e.l.f. Makeup and Cosmetics Website
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Have you seen the new e.l.f. Skin Care line? They have some pretty interesting products going on. I have really resisted making a purchase but don't these things look good? I mean e.l.f. is really trying to make a mark in skin care. Right now e.l.f. has a handy, dandy kit that you can get 4 of the products in. Let's look, shall we?

The e.l.f. Skincare Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8) is made with "purified water and essential nutrients". This is supposed to hydrate and nourish your skin. The 4 reviews that are listed vary in their opinion but no one seems to terribly displeased.

e.l.f. Skincare Soothing Serum ($12) is supposed to reduce the look of fine lines by locking in moisture. The reviews on that one are glowing! I've used plenty of serums and other than the smelling good (the one that I am currently road testing) I don't see any pluses. However, from the reviews, it might be worth it to try it as a moisturizer.

The e.l.f. Skincare Illuminating Eye Cream ($10) is also supposed to hydrate and moisturize the skin and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It seems like a decent deal but I tread lightly when it comes to eye creams because my eyes are very sensitive. Both reviews are positive but I think I'll pass on it.

e.l.f. Skincare Nourishing Night Cream ($12) is your night cream to match your day cream. The ingredients are about the same and the pictures shows a nice whipped product. I'm not sure if it's thicker or anything (I'd think so) but the reviewers are very happy with the product.

I know that we all had the chance to pre-order but honestly, I like the stuff I'm using now. The kit costs $42 but right now you can get it for $21. That honestly isn't bad when you're talking about a complete, full sized skin care kit. I am hoping that a lot more people put up reviews and maybe some of us will think about taking a try. If I try anything it would be the e.l.f. Skincare Soothing Serum. I have a day and night moisturizer and I love my current eye cream. I don't think I need a soothing serum but for reviewing sake, I'd try it. I'd do anything for you good people, you know that!

Are you interested in any of the new e.l.f. skincare products? Did this review tickle your fancy? Let me know if you purchased a preview pack. What did you think?

(The photo used is from the e.l.f. website and while I spend a ton of money with them, this is NOT a sponsored post in any way, shape or form).

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