Feb 18, 2015

Eye'll Fix It! Eye Products

Hey there!

With everything that has been going on lately (my getting a life, late night TV, YouTube binge watching, staying up late in general) I have been relying heavily on my eye fit products. When I wake up some mornings, it looks like I didn't get the 6 or 7 hours of sleep that I did get. So, I tend to cheat a little bit.

I've been using my e.l.f. Eye Brightener interchangeably with my BareMinerals Well Rested. I have my Sephora sample of the BareMinerals Well Rested but I purchased the e.l.f. Eye Brightener to try it before dropping the $19 on it. The e.l.f. Eye Brightener is only $3 and honestly...they do the same thing. I promise they do. I don't know if I were any darker that it would work, but it does work under my eye. No, it doesn't make the dark circles go away but it does give me a brighter look under my eye.

I top that with my High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. As I said in my review post, the powder is light-diffusing so it refracts the light that comes to the eye. And, the fact that I wear glasses helps quite a bit. The first few times I wore this, I didn't see the point. Now that I've been using it for several month, I get it. And, I'm not going to stop wearing it.

I use my e.l.f. Flawless Concealer Brush to put both products under my eye. I have two of these brushes because well, it's under the eye. You want to be careful with how many times you use eye products on or around your eyes.

These 3 e.l.f. products have really saved my face. They make me look more awake and refreshed. For $9 I've transformed my sleepy, tired look into a well rested look. I say you try it before spending ten dollars more.

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